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Our Team

Our team brings together a mix of career scientists, medical doctors and business acumen from across spine surgery, medical imaging and MRI physics.
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Dr Kyle Sheldrick

Managing Director & Co-Founder

 Dr Kyle Sheldrick is Managing Director of Merunova. As a medical doctor (with experience treating back pain patients) and medical scientist, he led the early development of Decay Variance. 

He is an experienced healthcare leader with a passion for reproducibility and quality, he also sits on the AO Spine Knowledge Forum - Degenerative, an international practice leading organisation for spinal surgeons and researchers.

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Manon Levayer

Engineering Associate

Manon Levayer was Merunova’s first intern and is now an Engineering Associate. She is in her final year of a Double Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science at the University of Sydney. Manon joined Merunova in 2021 and has since been working on developing our Quality Management System as well as technical development of the Decay Variance platform.

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Dr Lee Walsh

Dr Ashish Diwan

Board Chair & Co-Founder

Principal Regulatory Officer

Dr Ashish Diwan is chair of the Merunova Scientific Advisory Board.  As a spinal surgeon and scientist with 25 years of experience, Dr Diwan (FRACS, FAOrthA, PhD) has been in pursuit of a diagnostic tool to help understand better underlying mechanisms to back pain that can best be translated into clinical practice. Ashish is a recognised international leader in spine surgery who is routinely elected to prestigious international society positions.

Dr Lee Walsh CPEng is the Principal Regulatory Advisor to Merunova. He is a regulatory engineer with a background in electronics, computer systems and medical physiology. He has over a decade of experience designing software and equipment for research and supporting clinical practice.

Lee has previously worked for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a Lead Assessor/Investigator and as Technical Lead for Digital Health in the Emerging Technology and Reform Team.


Vivek Ramakrishna

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Amiya Diwan

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Quality Manager

Product Development Advisor

Vivek Ramakrishna is Merunova's in-house Quality Manager. Vivek graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical), Diploma in Engineering Practice in 2018. Vivek joined Merunova in 2020, working in quality and product development alongside pursuing his PhD at UNSW. He is an active member of Engineers Australia alongside his teaching commitments and was nominated for Young Professional Engineer of the Year 2022.

 Amiya Diwan is Chief Product and Business Development Advisor for Merunova. He has a career that spans software engineering, product management as well as technical and business leadership. As a software engineer at Amazon, he was responsible for designing, developing and launching a platform to automate customer service workflows using artificial intelligence, which currently serves tens of millions of customers worldwide. Amiya then gained entrepreneurial experience by founding his own fintech startup that raised 1.7M USD of venture capital. 

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