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  • What MRI scanners has Decay Variance been tested with?
    Decay variance has been tested on a range of field strengths from 3T to 7T. Current validation research includes 1.5T scanners but these results are not yet available. So far Decay Variance has been used with Siemens, Philips and Bruker scanners. Generally any scanner able to perform a CPMG type multi-echo sequence and able to output data in a standard format (such as DICOM) should be adequate.
  • Can I intern at Merunova?
    Yes! Merunova is always looking for bright and talented interns currently studying or with a background in engineering or medical science. To apply please send an email to and attach your resume, cover letter and transcript.
  • I have back pain, can I have the scan performed?
    Decay variance is not approved for clinical use. It is currently only offered in a research setting.
  • I am researcher, can I use Decay Variance in my project?
    Please contact us to discuss licencing arrangements. Licencing for public universities and not-for-profit institutes is generally available without charge for bona fide projects. Evidence of appropriate ethics approvals must be provided for research involving humans or animals. Licencing to for-profit companies is generally only available on a commercial basis.
  • I am a Researcher and would like more technical information
    The algorithm and technical performance characteristics can be found here:
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